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Pidgin — multi-protocol instant messaging client

Pidgin — multi-protocol instant messaging client

I used to have problems communicating with my friends, customers or co-workers. They are using many different protocols such as ICQ, Jabber, Skype, MSN , Yahoo, etc. I used to have 5 or even more messengers installed on my home PC and the same story for my office. I used to have so many problems in chatting saving char scripts and just using many different messengers at the same time.

Now I’m pretty happy because i have found the messenger that is perfect for my needs and this messenger is Pidgin. Actually I use portable version of Pidgin that I take from http://portableapps.com (website with many interesting projects.) now the latest version is Pidgin 2.4.1.

So you interested in — «what is so good about this messenger «, ok I’ll explain what I like about this program.