My name is Alexander Tumanov

I am a Vancouver-based full-stack web developer and software developer. I enjoy finding original solutions to challenging tasks and love what I do.

I have a diverse set of skills, including back-end development, software development, web development and design, SEO, Custom Drupal module development.

My Latest Work

panoramic image and video plugin for WordPress


“I had a pleasure of working directly with Alexander during his time as a SEO and SMO specialist at Namba Media. With his abilities, adaptability, and dedication, Alexander made a great job. He is very self-confident, honest, initiative and very creative.”

Shukhrat Nurmukhamedov

Senior Digital Designer, Criteo, France

Alex is a really brilliant colleague. He has a good mind and logical thinking. During his work, he established excellent relations with every member in our company.”

Samat Jukeshov

Quality Assurance Specialist, Mythx