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I used to have problems communicating with my friends, customers or co-workers. They are using many different protocols such as ICQ, Jabber, Skype, MSN , Yahoo, etc. I used to have 5 or even more messengers installed on my home PC and the same story for my office. I used to have so many problems in chatting saving char scripts and just using many different messengers at the same time.

Now I’m pretty happy because i have found the messenger that is perfect for my needs and this messenger is Pidgin. Actually I use portable version of Pidgin that I take from http://portableapps.com (website with many interesting projects.) now the latest version is Pidgin 2.4.1.

So you interested in — «what is so good about this messenger «, ok I’ll explain what I like about this program.

1- All in one instant messenger. The most popular feature provided by Pidgin would be the support for multiple protocols. Protocols like Yahoo! Messenger, Jabber, IRC, AIM or ICQ, Gadu-Gadu, .NET Messenger Service(MSN), Zephyr and others are working just fine with the Pidgin. Even though it does not offer exotic features, such as webcam support, voice messaging or built-in games. But most of the time i do not need the voice calls or video and if I need one i can use my cellphone.

2- l use portable edition of my flash drive so i can use my messenger any time on any PC or any other laptop and I can read all my chat scripts anytime.

3-Multiple accounts simultaneously. It comes with many popular features, such as file transfer and typing notifications but it also brings up unique ones, and a pretty large plug-ins collection. Pidgin has an interesting skins option (i’ll tell you about it later).

4- Skype support — but you need to have Skype installed on PC and it does not includes video and calls.

Also there are many other things i like about this messanger but you need to play with it to see and fill the Pidgin. Some people like it some does not but it’s up to you to decide if it be useful for you.