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why don’t you blog about it

why don’t you blog about it

i have nothing tosay

hey nice picture, isn’t it?

Yeah! it was a bit long ago since the last post but now I promise to write more often…. 😉 really I’d like to use my blog to tell about some things i love and some things that is easy for me but might not be so easy for other people.


New website is on the way

this is my first message in my new blog. this is new website and I plan to make it much better then the previous one..  here is the idea in short of what I plan to  make here..

1- blog will be the main part of the website and I plat to write more interesting stuff about me and my life and my projects..

2- my portfolio — i have a huge portfolio and now I going to select the projects I’m proud of and show them to you

3- my CV with references.

4- service — you can learn more of what I offer as a web developer and can hire me for your projects..

also I have more ideas but I’ll tell about tem later.

5- Gallery

6- Contact form