Yes I hate snow in April. Yesterday was the day with snow and it was cold and i hate it.
Commo-o-o-o-on!!! I’s April, Summer time and there is no place for snow and cold weather.  Yesterday ,I was thinking  why this snow driving  me so mad and i came up with an answer.

I like snow, oh no-no I love snow but snow in winter time and i can use my skis and snowboard. Also I love peaches, when you can go and take it from a tree and then eat it. H-m-m-m-m! Tasty!
BUT! When we have snow in April we do not have peaches on the trees or we have but there is very few of them.
So the reason I was so upset about the weather is fruits. I like eating fruits that has been just taken from a tree, this fruits is 1000 time better then fruits in the supermarket.
I hope in spite of the snow in summer we’ll have fruits this year. And I hope in winter we will have enough snow for good ski season.

here is few pictures  – look, this is so beautiful.

snow in april